I’m very fond of tall plants with spires of flowers -delphiniums, verbascums and foxgloves spring to mind. I inherited native foxgloves in the garden when we moved in, and working on the assumption conditions must be suitable, I’ve been adding to them. 

Last year I had a brilliant show from Digitalis Alba and Suttons Apricot. A few seeded and there are both white and apricot specimens, but far more are purple.  I need to grow more from seed to replenish the show.

This seasons stars are the hopefully more perennial Digitalis grandiflora, a gorgeous yellow I grew from seed and Digitalis parviflora Milk Chocolate, bought as a single plant but so seductive I have ordered some seeds so I can have an abundance of them next year. I’m also hoping my plant will self seed as the wild ones do. 

Isn’t it delicious? The bees love it as much as the natives. 


7 thoughts on “Foxgloves

  1. This brings back delicious memories of our visit to Botanic Nursery and the national collection. I now have D. ‘Roundway Hill’ and Digitalis mertonensis in the double terrace beds 🙂

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