At the start of the year there is time to reflect. In the quiet days, the dark days of deep December, time to ponder on life, the Universe and everything.Why is it that some of the worst jobs fall in winter=pond clearance, border digging, apple pruning? Perhaps not all of those are worst jobs. its all relative.

And why is it that each year I consider deleting my blog and each year can’t bring myself to lose what is now a 7 year diary. And there is usually a new theme to play with at WordPress to reignite my enthusiasm

And why do some of the loveliest plants flower in the coldest months?

For me, gardening is an all year round occupation. I know no closed season, fitting in the maintenance work as weather and life presents opportunities. As the days start to grow longer, I spend more time outside, weeding, cutting back, tidying up. Its hard some days when to grass is yellow and the borders rain beaten and still carrying last seasons dead growth to remember how it looks in summer, or how quickly this dormant season will pass.There are plans to make for new plantings and for reviving old ones. Seeds to order and plants to add to the wishlists.

Thinking practically, I wonder about simplifying, to make the ongoing maintenance as easy as possible.  Yet there are so many things I want to grow still-a new winter border with more witch hazel for a start, more prairie beds.

Its all a question of juggling, of course. And continuing to ponder on the balance, if there is one, to be found in a garden. Happy 2017 everyone.




2 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. There isn’t really an off season here either; or if there is, it is August when most plants are dormant due to the heat. It is hard to garden then too, because it is just too hot; there’s just harvesting the summer vegetables and that can seem quite a chore sometimes but, as you say, that’s relative as I love having our own vegetables. there’s nothing wrong with a little wondering (in its true sense) and pondering. Happy 2017 to you too.

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