A mousemat of crocuses


A  little rise in temperature, another quarter-hour of daylight, a couple of days with some sunshine and this week  the garden surges with energy.

Under the somewhat sulky teenage oak tree, a being of gangly limbs, unsightly growths and increasing girth and vigour, I have started to establish a carpet of Whitewell Purple early crocuses. At present, the said carpet hardly amounts to mousemat but it is a start. Enthusiastic  squirrels dug up some bulbs in the autumn, increasing the threadbare appearance, but four small clumps have emerged and have survived the attentions of birds/voles/squirrels for several days now. Joy!

It’s little successes after two years trying to establish bulbs that keep the enthusiasm going and the planting will continue. That and the mental picture I have  of a very fine display I saw under a tree at Rosemoor some years ago that I hope to recreate. Wish me luck.



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