Mid March and already the first blooms of Spring are becoming a thing of the past. The snowdrops are over- time to divide and proliferate! Hellebores are in full flower to accompany the daffodils and crocus. The tall pieris is smothered in white bells and bumble bees and the candy pink Prunus cerasifera had opened.

I have cut back all the perennials and we extended the prairie  bed another 4  metres and after preparing the soil, planted it with more echinacea, achillea, rudbeckia,  asters and grasses.


Yesterday’s  warm  sun felt like a promise of what is to come and the pace of work quickens! On balance I think I’m just about ahead of the weeds but only by a whisker and just about on track with the To Do list. Fingers crossed the weather plays fair for the next few weeks.



6 thoughts on “March

  1. Fingers crossed indeed! Nice to see how the Prairie Border has come on and compare with the picture I have in my mind’s eye from when I visited you 🙂

    1. It has come on really well, but at this stage of the year it’s hard to believe it will all fill out again after the cutback.
      You’ll have to come and have another look this summer. 😉

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