It’s an upside down Spring! It was dry and then warm, a short spell of rain pushed the buttton to start the Growth accelerater and cold arrived to hold everything back. Typical April. 

The good news is that growth has started and the energy burst is unstoppable and my favourite few weeks of the year have started. 

The Iris bed we made last year is filling out. The Siberians are making leaves but at the front taking the starring role is ‘Cherry Garden’- a very short few days in the leading lady spot but she plays it well.

The cool nights are preserving the tulip flowers beautifully. A few of my favourites

Menton- large, strong with apricot tones and an eggshell finish. 

Purple Emperor- a dark parrot

Sapporo, now changed from lemon to white, with Angelique. Both in a third year of flowering. 

The geums are just starting. 

I inherited this one so don’t know the variety.  I just call it large lemon as each flower is 3 cm across. 

And finally, a few of the Auriculas

The first swallow twittered on the wires today. What a joyous season. 


4 thoughts on “April 

    1. I forget how topsy turvey most Springs are. I do hope the frost doesn’t do your tender plants any harm tho I expect yours are also used to unpredictable April weather.

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