This blog began as a record of the garden I cultivated from a building site in North Wiltshire for 17 years. I tracked its growth and maturing over the years and at one time believed I could identify every plant in it, because I had planted it. It was a garden that was very much an extension of who I am and the planting reflected my likes and dislikes, the need for a quiet space and for a place to nurture things.
In the autumn of 2012 we left Wiltshire and our little suburban garden and moved to a very rural spot on the Herefordshire/Shropshire border where there is space, and peace and quiet..

The blog has changed , ebbed and flowed over the years with the passing of time and my ever changing preoccupations, and now with our new location  Do come back to visit often-you will be very welcome.

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  1. Hi, I write you from Genoa, Italy.

    I’ve seen this picture on your website ( https://everythinginthegardensrosie.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/pumpkin-rouge-vif-detampes.jpg ) and it may be good for the banner for the local feast that every year we make in the locality of Murta (I must ask organizers). I want to ask you if is possible to take the picture to make it.


    Unfortunately I can’t write the source on a banner 5mt x 70cm but I hope you allow me to use it, thank you very much.

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