all in a day

It is a good day that begins with a visit from a kestrel. It was one of those days today when,on my morning visit to let the chickens out, I was visited by a kestrel, hunting above the meadow in the clear morning sky. I have seen kestrels ┬áregularly and sometimes they sit on the … More all in a day

volcanic bees

One of the best things about knowing your own space very well is looking out for the reappearance of favourites each spring. The garden was created very much with plants in mind, and when we designed it we gave thought to the shape of borders, the siting of features, the placing of the trees and … More volcanic bees


If ever a month were well named it is March and on this first day of Spring, it is time for a new post. I began to write the last one on March 8th, unpublished as many of my posts seem to be, where I speculated on how the vagaries of the weather in this … More march