The garden is blessed by the arrival of swallows and sand martins every spring.  One fine morning in early April a little voice calls out announcing the returning summer fairies. The sand martins usually come first, little flocks of brown and white twitterers returning to their nest sites in the banks of the river, and … More Swallows

all in a day

It is a good day that begins with a visit from a kestrel. It was one of those days today when,on my morning visit to let the chickens out, I was visited by a kestrel, hunting above the meadow in the clear morning sky. I have seen kestrels ┬áregularly and sometimes they sit on the … More all in a day

joyous sunday

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Today, the definitive answer was provided by Maeve, as clearly she came first-about 3 weeks ago-and her egg arrived today. She announced to the world she was going to lay it and then disappeared into the nest box, like a well brought up girl, reappearing some time … More joyous sunday