Saturday here was glorious, Sunday returned to winter and today has been Spring again. We spent the Spring like days in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and joyful carolling of  birdsong. This is a garden where a Song Thrush entertains  us at dawn and for Evensong, a rich, honeyed sound capturing the promise of Spring. … More lofty


The weather forecast was accurate and overnight on Thursday the snow tiptoed in on cat-like feet, silent, soft but with underlying cruelty. It continued all day, fine flakes blown sharply on a biting wind, piling up in corners, swirling around barriers, dancing off the roof in a cascade of ice crystals. All day the garden … More shelter

a quiet season

Autumn has dropped away into winter, sudden and cold and properly seasonable, although surprising for all that. It is the first season I remember in a long time where the contrast between the two has been so marked. As the floods subsided the frosts arrived and we have entered that period where there is no … More a quiet season