If ever a month were well named it is March and on this first day of Spring, it is time for a new post. I began to write the last one on March 8th, unpublished as many of my posts seem to be, where I speculated on how the vagaries of the weather in this … More march


With summer comes fresh produce. From the allotment, strawberries, broad beans, spinach. From the no dig garden beds rocket, mizuna, pak choi, lettuce in 6 different varieties, basil, thyme, parsley, mint. Inspiration for summer meals. The living is easy. We ate the salad yesterday and today, we made a  rice and spinach dish, the spinach … More bounty

broad bean update

Picked on the small side-the beans were barely larger than peas-this is the first crop taken from the allotment that I sowed last autumn, (October 25th to be precise) and posted about here. This is the variety Aquadulce Claudia. The winter took its toll on the plants and I lost a few-since replaced by a … More broad bean update