new views

  Well, hello, hello,hello. I just popped out for a few minutes in April and now it is October. I have been rather busy this summer, what with marrying off a son, becoming a grandmother, enjoying my OH leaving full-time paid employment, oh, yes, and moving house. And county. And urban to deeply rural. At … More new views

celebration flowers

I have been a little absent from here lately, enjoying family occasions and planning for the future. 2012 looks set to be quite a year here at Spideracres and it began two Saturdays ago when my son married his delightful partner in Cambridge. There were friends and family, a lovely baroque setting, a whole day … More celebration flowers

My poor blog is languishing in a neglected and unweeded cornerĀ  of my life, although I am happy to report that the real garden and allotment are in fine and productive heart. That is the main reason why the virtual world is looking somewhat unkempt-with a Spring as wonderful as we have enjoyed I have … More