fair maids of february

FEBRUARY fair maids, All along the lane, Dancing with the breezes, Nodding to the rain, Whispering tales of Springtime Through the snow and sleet, February fair maids, Brave and bright and sweet. “Snowdrops.” by Norah M. Holland (1876-1925) There is something so perfectly formed about snowdrop flowers. Small, white without a hint of colour, I … More fair maids of february

March winds

I worried about the roof last night as the Westerly blew, announcing the arrival of March. I worried about the new daffodils that seem to meet and greet the March winds every year.I wandered about in poetic vein at 3 am, the rafters creaking. This is what accompanied my thoughts. March roared in-a warrior gloved … More March winds


A wet Wednesday,English drizzle,dew dripping treesswan silver,jackdaw andpigeon breast grey,faded leaves,Monochrome mood.