I’m very fond of tall plants with spires of flowers -delphiniums, verbascums and foxgloves spring to mind. I inherited native foxgloves in the garden when we moved in, and working on the assumption conditions must be suitable, I’ve been adding to them.  Last year I had a brilliant show from Digitalis Alba and Suttons Apricot. … More Foxgloves

Morning light

My favourite time in the garden- just before 7.00 am, when everything is cool and rested after the night, the world is quiet and there is the promise of a beautiful day. There is the added bonus of spotting the new blooms that have opened overnight.  Iris sibirica Purple Ruffles and top of the page, … More Morning light

September flowers

A little late for the very middle of September, but still within the spirit of mid- month, here is a glimpse of the flower garden here this month. The floweriest borders are the areas we established or revived this Spring, and here the predominant colour garden is purple, in all shades from pale blue through … More September flowers