Spring begins

The month has started with a ¬†glimpse of sunshine after days of greyness and low cloud. Yesterday was particularly miserable with rain all day. Its been a dry January on the whole, but the recent rain has caused the snowdrops and irises to accelerate into flower. And very welcome they are too. Snowdrops, hellebores and … More Spring begins


The neighbours across the river have peacocks. For most of the year we don’t notice them but as the days lengthen, Mr P can be heard shouting across the valley. From a range of about half a mile away, his call is part of the early spring soundscape, a modern reminder that the medieval lords … More Voices


At the start of the year there is time to reflect. In the quiet days, the dark days of deep December, time to ponder on life, the Universe and everything.Why is it that some of the worst jobs fall in winter=pond clearance, border digging, apple pruning? Perhaps not all of those are worst jobs. its … More Pondering