A snowdrop census 

A week ago there was sleet and greyness and days when the temperature hovered around 2 degrees. The last few days have seen weather mild enough to encourage the winter weary gardener outside. We cut the grass for the first time, cut down almost everything in the prairie beds and gave them a thoroughly good … More A snowdrop census 

A mousemat of crocuses

A  little rise in temperature, another quarter-hour of daylight, a couple of days with some sunshine and this week  the garden surges with energy. Under the somewhat sulky teenage oak tree, a being of gangly limbs, unsightly growths and increasing girth and vigour, I have started to establish a carpet of Whitewell Purple

Spring begins

The month has started with a  glimpse of sunshine after days of greyness and low cloud. Yesterday was particularly miserable with rain all day. Its been a dry January on the whole, but the recent rain has caused the snowdrops and irises to accelerate into flower. And very welcome they are too. Snowdrops, hellebores and … More Spring begins